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Stroll On - EP

5 song EP by Greg Mihaly

Release date: March 1, 2024

About the Artist

Greg Mihaly is a singer/songwriter who fuses 80’s and 90’s rock themes with solid songwriting to present the beloved genre of rock and roll music in a fresh, new light.

Originally from Cleveland, OH, Greg spent most of his youth in Florida’s panhandle. Now after years of honing his skills on stages nationwide, he is excited to present his new brand of rock as a singer/songwriter/producer.

“The past year has been especially exciting year for me. Releasing music that I’ve written, recorded, and seen through to production and distribution ended up being even more rewarding than I could have imagined,” says Greg about the albums he has released in the year 2023. 

Greg’s debut album, Supernatural (LP), was released in June 2023. His follow-up effort, Lower Alabama Way - EP, arrived 4 months later in October.

When asked to compare the two works, Greg stresses that the main difference is more of a “theme and feel” than a “sound”. 

“These two releases are more different in terms of ‘theme and feel’ than anything else. 

On the surface, yes, they are both ‘singer/songwriter’ efforts presented in a ‘rock band’ context. But Lower Alabama Way has more of a singer/songwriter feel because of the number of times I drew on country and southern rock elements. It’s also more light hearted and whimsical in subject matter. 

On the other hand, Supernatural ended up being a more reflective and autobiographical effort than I’d ever intended. So that album leans a little bit darker at times.”

Now that his 3rd studio release, Stroll On - EP, is here just in time for the summer of 2024, Greg is looking forward to playing some more live shows in support of the albums.

Supernatural, Lower Alabama Way, and Stroll On are available for download and streaming wherever you find music.


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